Clear right from the start.

What is Carri.Ed?

Carri.Ed is a specialist service providing editorial support to the baby carrier industry. Copy writing, editing and proof reading services are provided by a knowledgable, experienced carrier industry professional.

Who is Carri.Ed?

I am Nicola Lawson BA (Hons) ELL (Open), and I have been working in the carrier industry in the UK since 2007. I have spent eight years talking directly to thousands of parents about their carrier use, and helping them to use their carriers safety and effectively. I understand how to communicate directly with end users, and can bring that foundation of quality to all your customer facing material. Uniquely positioned to support the industry without association with any brand, I am a trusted source of independent advice.

What can Carri.Ed do?

– Instructions and guides. Clear, concise and easy to understand, a quality instruction manual can increase user satisfaction, improve product safety and decrease sales aftercare.

– Articles and content, in print and online. I can provide completely impartial editorial services for carrier information sources and reviews, based on in depth and current industry knowledge. 

– Copy writing, copy editing, and proofreading services are provided to the baby carrier industry and support services at competitive prices, quoted individually.

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